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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Carl Holzman and Santiago Espeche

Carl Holzman (see link) calls his art 'abstract'. I think he fits in well with the GE-art concept wether you call it abstract or landscape. Santiago Espeche calls it 'satellite art'. I like that too. It's more objective than Google Earth art I suppose. Google is not the only company to bring out satellite imaging software. However, I feel Google deserves credit for making such a good program which, amazingly is available for free to anyone. An other nice term I think is 'earthscapes'. I'll raise the question in the GE forum.
Carl's reply on the GE forum contained a good idea: why not ask Google to sponsor a first international exhibition?
By the way, the site of Santiago Espeche (see link) can be read in English as well as Spanish (I'd missed that one). His is a wonderful poetic view of us and our planet, both in word and in visual images.

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