Angry Tundra: see first posting March 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008


oil on canvas 100* 100 cm

So, this is what becomes of the Amazon forest (in Brazil) after its been clear cut to make place for soy production. The soy bean of course is the main ingredient for US and European cattle feed these days. That's why these fields have the colour of a nice big juicy steak. Or could it be just the iron in the soil? The great thing about being an artist is that you don't have to worry about silly little things like cause and effect. I just choose any colour I damm well please!
I realised I haven't given much technical information about my GE paintings. The series I'm making (this is number 4, 5 will follow in a couple of days) consists of oil paintings on canvas 100 cm * 100 cm (about 40 * 40 inch). Why don't you let me (and others) know what you think about the painting? There's a 'comment' option below this post.


  1. Hello Evert - In this painting, your colors and even form and movement, to some extent, remind me of Willem De Kooning's big, pink women. Some say they were angry, some say he was angry...who knows?

    Anyway, I just thought of them the minute I saw this.

    Regards from Diane9247 of the GEC!

  2. Hi Diane, thanks for the comment and the complement! I'm afraid my work can't compare in fierce expressionism to De Kooning. I just don't have that in me. I will plead guilty to a weak spot for pink (though it has nothing to do with any sexual preferences). I wrote Carl Holzman the other day that the great thing about using Google earth as an inspiration is that I can use a relatively rational and naturalistic approach and still achieve something that looks out of this world.