Angry Tundra: see first posting March 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Changing Tundra

oil on canvas 60 X 60 cm
Google Earth gives you visual access to the most remote and inaccessable places on earth. Places where nature has just run its course without ever being influenced by us. Here, somewhere in the Russian Tundra you can see how the river has changed course countless times, leaving all sorts of slowly dissapearing scars in the landscape. Really wild and another great startingpoint for a painter to just let his brush do the painting. The result may apear like a COBRA abstract, but isn't all that far removed from reality. Just this once: here's the Google Earth original image (colours slightly enhanced):

Aquil Copier, the original Dutch Google Earth Artist!

Well, it seems I'm not the first Dutch Google Earth artist after all. Aquil Copier has been making Google Earth Art since 2005 (when his GE painting was nominated for the Royal Dutch art prize). His website (see GE links) has been online since may 2007. Aquil also has a blog to keep you up to date
Right now Aquil has an exhibition in Amsterdam at 2X2 projects. If you want to see it you'll have to be fast, it runs till the 29th of November. Here's the link to the gallery site.
His work got the attention of a national paper. I don't think the critic quite got the relevance of Google Earth art, treating it as just another angle to do landscape painting. His interesting technique was deemed more important than the subject of his paintings. But what the hell, new ideas are born overnight, but it takes years for them to reach adulthood. Good work Aquil and welcome to the club!