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Monday, October 20, 2008

Expo at Lek Art weekend

An old, almost derelict house in downtown Culemborg was wat was available for my group of art friends at the Lek Art weekend a few weeks ago. And we only had three days to prepare the place for 80 or so paintings... It turned out perfect. The municipality bought it probably to tear it down some time in the future. The place has been used as a studio by several artists in the past few years, so it had this studio like feel about it. Anyway, we atracted over 800 visitors to our gallery in just one weekend, not bad for a small town like Culemborg. Here's a few impressions:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Down to the sea

oil on canvas 100*100 cm
I finished this one a while ago, just didn't seem to get round to making a decent photo. Again a Greenland ice river flowing down tot the sea. Ever faster as well. As a result Greenland is finaly beginning to live up to its name! What I love about these Greenland mountains is that you can really see the way the ice has shaped them. The power of ice is incredible, and that's what I aimed to get across in this painting.