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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Expo's and Shows

In addition to my last post about my own GE art exhibited tot the public, here's an invitation to alle GE artiststs: let me know if you're planning a show or whatever. I'll see if I can include an agenda or something like that on my blog.

Exposition of Google Earth paintings

Five of my GE paintings are at this moment exhibited in my home town Culemborg, in the old Barabara church. It's my contribution to a group show of the my regular painting group "Kleurig". The contrast in colour with the grey tones of the church is stunning. Below another 2 impressions of the expo including work by some of my colourful collegues. Coming saturday (13th of september) is the last chance to see the work in the church. But we're staging another show on the weekend of the large Lek Art fair in Culemborg (27 and 28 th of september). A one time hit and run improvised expo in the Herenstraat 10. I'll be showing several GE paintings.