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Monday, February 16, 2009

Exhibition in Budapest, Hungary

Last week I gave a positive reply to an invitation for a group exhibition of Dutch artists at the Opera Gallery in the cente of Budapest, Hungary. It will be held between the 14 th andf 28th of March. So... if you're anywhere nearby, drop in to have a look! It's quite a large gallery around the corner from the old Opera house. Contact information is all on their lovely site:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Patty van Sprang

Patty van Sprang is another satellite artist. She wrote a comment on my post about Aquil Copier. She lives in Queensland Australia, but was born in Surinam, and lived in the Netherlands for quite afew years as well. Should I claim that again a new art form has Dutch origins? No off course not. This is going to be a true planet wide movement! I would dare to draw the conclusion that it is our love and concern for our planet, that serves as our main source of inspiration. Am I right? 
This is where you can find Patty's blog:

Spider impact crator

oil on canvas 100 X 120 cm
Flying over the North Western Australian dessert you might come across this huge meteorite impact crator.It's about 13 km across. There's hundreds of these meteor crators all over the panet. This is certainly not the biggest, I just liked the shape. Of course in all of (human) history there's never been an impact this size. It makes me wonder what would happen if a chunk of space rock this size would hit us.... A nice subject to discuss on my GE philosophy site (havent got round to it yet).