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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Patty van Sprang

Patty van Sprang is another satellite artist. She wrote a comment on my post about Aquil Copier. She lives in Queensland Australia, but was born in Surinam, and lived in the Netherlands for quite afew years as well. Should I claim that again a new art form has Dutch origins? No off course not. This is going to be a true planet wide movement! I would dare to draw the conclusion that it is our love and concern for our planet, that serves as our main source of inspiration. Am I right? 
This is where you can find Patty's blog:


  1. art movement-art movement (a group of artists who agree on general principles)

    Any of many styles of art having an underlying philosophy or goal; many of them have names with an -ism suffix

    An art movement is a tendency or style in art
    with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by a group of artists during a restricted period of time, or, at least, with the heyday of the movement more or less strictly so restricted (usually a few months, years or decades). ...

    A term used to describe a group of artists who all share the same, technique,idea, style or aim and produce work based on this.

    Hi eef,

    Yes I think we are becoming a movement. Now we just have to think of what " ism" to call it.

    The 'Preservationist or Enviromentalist Art movement' sounds good to me!
    I think it is wonderful to see the many varied techniques we all use, from the same source.

    As I said on one of my profile sites.
    This art is a new art. It wasn't available to Da Vinci or Picasso. It is the art of our era.

    How can we give it the credibility it deserves?

  2. Hi Patty,
    Yes! it's time to argue about a name. Even if it doesn't say so in any Wiki, I'm quite sure the arguing about names is probably as an important factor in the rise and fall of movements (sorry, Movements) as anything else, including the art which it is supposed to be about. Unfortunately not many people want to argue about names yet, that's partly why I started my Google Earth Philiosophy site. The idea is that I try and explain why I'm doing what I'm doing (in art and elsewhere), hoping for reactions by people with similar interests. All right, I haven't done much about it yet. You know, writers block and such. So maybe I'll transfer this discussion to my new blog. There I can consider each of your names and give my opinion, maybe add a few more. Google Earthism for instance?

  3. Perhaps dropping the Google factor is important. I think it cheapens and takes away credibility. As soon as you state that the images have been inspired by Google, people tend to think--great, but anyone with a computer can do it, therefore it isn't art.
    And a lot of Google art is truly crap!
    The question about digitally inspired art, digital art etc is always heated. Regardless of whether it is used only as a means to paint, a means to manipulate, or a means to create.And to a certain extent, this argument is totally without foundation, because All art is a method of copying, redefining, expressing. Whether a computer is used or not should not come into the equation, as long as the art is good, appeals to the senses , has longevity for collectors,and has a "unique factor" ( which is the biggest stumbling block.)Perhaps to give this "movement" a sense of uniqueness and credibility, we need to establish some method of ensuring " uniqueness" past the limited edition printing, roll that into our " movement" and then have a point of difference to launch a full artistic promotion to the masses!
    A difficult task, as all of google earth is public domain.
    Food for thought.
    cheers van sprang

  4. Hi Patty,
    Took a while to reply, I've been a bit busy with the coming exhibition in Budapest andf life in general. Anyway, I think I have answered some of your points on my other blog
    I'm one of those people who believe (or hope) that the internet is like an emerging nervous system for the living planet ulimately resulting in consiousness/ self-awareness. There's a long story behind that which I'll spare you here. Some of it is to be found on my other blog. I guess it's a bit strange to name art which is inspired by such far-reaching ideas after a commercial company (Google). But then again: why not. Why should'nt change come from the good works of a huge multinational? As long as they stay on the right track....
    As for the difference between digital and other art: there is no final truth about what is or what isnt art. It took a long time before photography was accepted as art. Which does'nt mean that any-one with a camera produces art... Same difference. Any-one with a computer can do it? No. Any-one with a computer can use Google Earth to fly over the earth in wonder. Only few can make art out of these images. As an an artist you chose the medium that suits you best. I make no difference between purely digital representation or "inspired by". It's the result that counts. Ultimately the buyers are the final judges: if no-one buys your work it's not art.

  5. Hi eef,

    Thanks for the post on my blog. I haven't had a chance to take it any further as yet, although a lot of research has happenend after my paper.I am exploring a means of exhibiting, but I need to confirm interest first from other Satart artists, whom I have not had a chance to contact yet. I do not see this as a short term project, but a timely event. A movemement is not born overnight. But a movemement has to happen, because in my humble opinion, if we do not take some sort of action, we will just fall into total obscurity by those who ARE prepared to take the bull by the horns.I just found an article from the 29th Feb, regarding the " new artistic possibilities" from google earth and youtube-( i will post it when I refind it- and the curators are still applying the word "landart" to the format, as there is no other expression.
    It never pays to be 2nd or 3rd. We should be first. I note that you have tried, but not realy succeeded in getting any cohesion.I hope you will help to get this thing going, albeit slowly.It needs awareness and exposure, and lots of emailing other artists, ( after working hours:))