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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lonely at the top

oil on canvas 100 * 120 cm

This must be one of the most remote places on earth, somewhere deep in the Russian Tundra (again). It's not a a spectacular mountain. Like most of the thousands of similar hills in the neigbourhood it's capped with cold granite rocks. I wouldn't be surprised if no human being has ever bothered to climb this particular hill, in fact I doubt if anyone has ever even taken note of it. But it's an amazing piece of earth history, thrust up as a mountain range I don't know how long ago, worn down by wind, rain, ice and snow. Lots of snow by the looks of it: this place was under the ice cap probably not so long ago (maybe 10.000 years). Anyway, I discovered this hill using Google Earth, and untill some-one challanges my claim, I claim it as MINE! Well at least in a virtual sense. The Earth of course doens't belong to any one except maybe life in general. So, I claim it in the name of LIFE IN GENERAL (and me in particular). 

Opening in Budapest

A wonderfull exhibition with 19 other Dutch artists in Budapest. It's still on for another week if you want to see it! The opening was great. The Opera Gallery is (as you might expect) around the corner from the grand old Budapest Opera House, in a stately 19th century mansion (not sure about the age). Opened by the cultural attache to the Dutch embassy, accomanied by live opera and jazz it was all a good opening should be. Met some interesting people (most of the artists made the trip over) and used a couple of days before and after to explore Budapest with my beloved. 
Check this link for the photo's

Monday, March 9, 2009

Brochure for exhibition in Budapest

The brochure for the exhibition I'm involved in at the Opera Gallery in Budapest, Hungary is published. Here's the link