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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Opening in Budapest

A wonderfull exhibition with 19 other Dutch artists in Budapest. It's still on for another week if you want to see it! The opening was great. The Opera Gallery is (as you might expect) around the corner from the grand old Budapest Opera House, in a stately 19th century mansion (not sure about the age). Opened by the cultural attache to the Dutch embassy, accomanied by live opera and jazz it was all a good opening should be. Met some interesting people (most of the artists made the trip over) and used a couple of days before and after to explore Budapest with my beloved. 
Check this link for the photo's

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  1. Hi eef,

    Congratulations on the exhibition. The brochure looked great! Did you get a lot of sales? Always curious to find that out.I still haven't gotten any further with my exhibition--time time time.The application forms waiting for me to fill them in, are piling up on my desk. Soon I hope!Do you think it is worth it?