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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nature according to Eef

I've not made any new Google Earth Art paintings for a while now. The main reason is that I've been encaptivated by a different theme which I've called "Nature according to Eef". Before Google Earth Art I made landscapes, often looking for unusual angles or subjects. When I visited Australia 3 years ago I was deeply inspired by the moderate rainforests in the southern parts of Victoria. So wild, so impressive and somehow alien. There's no use for us there. There's some more on my new blog Nature according to Eef


  1. Hi I have enjoyed your blog, and seeing the work of other artists in this field. Just wanted to let you now about my latest series of works based on my travels in Street View (in Google Earth) in pedestrian only areas - mainly Venice and Amsterdam. The series is called Monitor and you can read about it at I think an exhibition of international art based on Google Earth - suggested by one of the other artists here - is a great idea. Thanks for your site - Anne Taylor

  2. Hi! I am searching about for google satellite art and artists. I live in the U.S. and I'd like to do some painting of satellite images, but I am leery about copyright violation. Was this a consideration by you or other GE artists? Have you seen a discussion about it? I would appreciate any clues or comments you may have to offer--Linda (bigfattubocat [AT] yahoo [DOT] com)