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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The drowned lands of Saeftingen

Saeftingen 1 oils on canvas 70 x 110 cm

On the Westerschelde estuary, just north of the Dutch/ Belgium border lies a stroke of wetland called "the drowned lands of Saeftingen". The tidal currents are large here and have formed spectacular estuarian landscapes. The plants and animals that dwell here are adapted to an environment which can suddely change from fresh water to salty. The saltyness determines which planrts grow where. In summer some of these plants turn deep red. You can see in which season the Google Earth satellilte images have been taken bij the colours of the vegetation.



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  3. Hello there! As a student of Visual Arts, I loved your initiative to share your views and the beautiful images of you artwork which seems to be trying to bring landscape painting to a newer, more contemporary concept: a chat between landscape, art and technology.


  4. Hi!
    Who is the Artist of this painting? I'd love to get permission to project it behind my dancers on the stage for a routine this spring. Let me know! Thank you!
    ~Twila Booke

    1. Hi Twilla,
      It's all mine here. And I would be delighted to use my painting as a background projection for your dancers. Is the resolution of the photograph good enough. I'm not sure if I have any better.
      Do you have any more information about your project?
      Greetings Eef

  5. This type of paintings is looking so nice and different visual arts we can see.

  6. Very interesting article, i wonder if you found some similar idea about satellite image interpretation in here