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Friday, July 25, 2008

Kyle Goodridge

Kyle Goodridge has a new site. His previous site went by the name KTG creations, but he forgot to mention his name. The link has been replaced. His work is an abstraction of satellite images, and fits well under the "Google Earth Art" or "Satellite Art"label. The result reminds me of Mondriaan, but Kyle shows much more personal expression. His site is still under construction. I hope he will let us know what has ispired him to use satellite images.

Checking other Google Earth artists, I get the impression people have been working hard. I hope after the summer (that is: in the Northern hemisphere, my Southern hemisphere readers - Argenine Bolivia, Australia amongst others - are shivering in the cold I imagine) we can put up some kind of internet group show. Let me know if you want to join in!

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  1. I am the apparently mysterious "KTG" My name is actually Kyle Goodrich, not Goodridge. Thanks for finsing my work. I came about working form satellite images and aeriel photos from my background as a geologist and cartographer. I worked for many years (and still do) interpretting the geological formations and fault patterns from satellite imagery so it was inevitable that that experience made it into my artwork. I was always facinated by the linear patterns in the landscape as viewed from above and Google Earth is a fantastic way to view them

    I am currently working on both a geologic project and a body of work in the Arctic circle. "Blue River" on my new website is the first of the series. I'll keep you posted on the new work. Thanks again and great site